FISIP Unsri Holds Discussion on Royal History and Culture of South Sumatra

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) of Sriwijaya University (Unsri) Palembang held a serious discussion about the Sriwijaya Kingdom and also the culture of South Sumatra (Sumsel) at the Swarna Dwipa Hotel, Sunday (19/6/2022).

One of the south Sumatra culturalists, Dr. Erwan Suryanegara. M.Sn, said, Sriwijaya had run the first democracy.

The implementation is realized through Kedatun and Perdatuan. Srivijaya for 7 centuries upheld democracy.

Regarding the existence of PT. Pusri (Pupuk Sriwijaya) who moved around, according to Erwan, in Palembang, there were signs of the Srivijaya kingdom.

The historical facts that exist, he revealed and should not be denied, that Sriwijaya is around PT Pusri.

“In fact, this is also corroborated by outside researchers,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chief Archaeologist Wahyu RA also said that the history of Srivijaya is a history of a great kingdom in ancient times.

On that occasion he also said this history must be maintained. So that the younger generation in the future can remember the greatness of Sriwijaya.

In the meeting, not only the Srivijaya Kingdom became the subject of study, but also a number of historians explained the history of South Sumatra Province.

South Sumatra Province was once a special region and after the RIS (Republic of the United States of Indonesia) in 1948 the Province of South Sumatra was divided into three provinces.

At that time, the transportation in South Sumatra was a river. To meet other clans is very difficult and more isolated.

From that, many residents form clans as self-identity. From a geographical location describes the local wisdom that forms their respective identities.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FISIP Unsri, Prof. Al Fitri, on the occasion also explained the extension of South Sumatra’s cultural identity. Construction and actualization, where individuals recall the past as part of South Sumatra culture.

“South Sumatra culture is always in contact with other cultures, and cultural references of the community,” he said.

The chairman of the political committee, Bagindo Togar, said that the discussion was very important so that it could provide lessons for the community about the history in South Sumatra.

“And the support from all parties is very positive for this discussion and of course it can gain knowledge for all of us for the history in South Sumatra,” he said.

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