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The need to establish the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social) at the University of Sriwijaya Sriwijaya University has been around since the late 1970s. For this in 1980 was a study visit to various universities that have FISIP in Sumatra and Java. In addition it also conducted consultations with leaders of Indonesian Social Sciences, Secretary of the Consortium of Social Sciences in Jakarta. Governor and Regional Secretary, South Sumatra, and the social and political science graduates in South Sumatra. At the direction of the Director General of Higher PSA it is advisable to open the first course.

Furthermore, to realize it is formed by the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for Drs. Zainal Alamsjah and Secretary Drs. Mansur Rahman, and Chairman of the Technical Committee of the HAS Natabaya, SH and Vice Chairman of Drs. AW Widjaja. The second committee (Preparatory Committee and Technical Committee) was commissioned to make a frame of reference. In a meeting, the Faculty Senate approve and recommend the opening of the Legal Studies Program in the Faculty of Law, University of Sriwijaya. It is then forwarded by the Rector Unsri to the Director General of Higher Education approved the opening of the next Social Sciences Studies and Political Science with Decree No. 7/DJ/Kep/1983 dated February 12, 1983 by the departments of Public Administration. The first chairman of the program are Drs. H. Sjafran Sjamsuddin, who is also rector Unsri when it. Academic activities marked with a public lecture by Prof.. Dr.. Selo Soemardjan as Chairman of the Foundation for Social Sciences on August 1, 1983. Efforts to improve the status of Social Studies and Political Science continues, until finally the Minister of National Education approved the opening of the Decree No. FISIP Unsri. 033/O/2000 dated March 9, 2000. Now this FISIP Unsri consists of two departments of the State Administration Studies and Sociology Program.

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